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A car sightseeing tour of Rome will allow you to plunge into the life of the Italian capital meaningfully and comfortably. Visit the most breathtaking places that you cannot see on a walking tour. The program is aimed at people who want to save precious time and are not ready for tiring walks but plan to see the maximum number of interesting places. A small auto-trip will help you to experience all the charm of the ancient city in dynamics.

The program includes visits to iconic places, stops are provided, during which you can walk and take pictures, capturing stunning views. Tourists will touch the great history and observe how a modern city with a rich history lives. The route will allow you to enjoy the grandeur and beauty of architecture without getting tired of pedestrian crossings. A tour of Rome in a comfortable car will be an excellent way to “embrace the immense”, will give you the opportunity to see the most remote corners as conveniently as possible. The route passes by architectural monuments, famous fountains, and squares, Christian shrines. Includes sightseeing of the main sights of the city.

The route will delight those who do not like long walks but want to enjoy the beauty of the Eternal City. During the tour, you will see the most important sights, feel yourself a part of the great history, admire the romantic embankments and majestic bridges, reveal the everyday details of the life of the Romans, hear interesting facts and legends, with the help of silent witnesses of the mighty empire, you will be transported to the times of past glory.

The program involves exits at all iconic attractions. During an eventful excursion, you will feel the atmosphere of Rome, learn its secrets, and see the main sights. A lot of interesting and useful information awaits you, a sincere delight from the creations of great artists and architects who made their dreams come true in the marble of palaces, churches, and fountains.

Duration-3 hours.
* – the cost of the tour may vary depending on the number of people in the group.


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