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The excursion provides an opportunity to see the Eternal City from a special side and get amazing aesthetic pleasure. Walking around Rome at night will be a fun and memorable adventure. With the onset of darkness, most of the shops, cafes, and public institutions are closed, the narrow streets become empty, there is less traffic, the central avenues are filled with life. The eternal city appears in all the splendor of squares and fountains in a mystical light.

A small trip will allow you to get maximum enjoyment of the romance and magic of the city in the night illumination, to see the capital in the reflections of the lanterns. The cultural and religious monuments of the Italian capital are equipped with illumination, which emphasizes their unique beauty, adds extraordinary texture and mystery to architectural masterpieces.

The special atmosphere makes it possible to take many original photos. At night, Rome is as stunning as it is in the sunlight. The guide will tell you about all the business cards of this truly magical city. Ancient squares and majestic cathedrals transform as the sun sets, allowing you to fully experience the grandeur of the Italian capital. In stunning lighting, iconic landmarks come to life.

Rome at night is filled with a special magic, strikes with melancholic beauty, legends and stories take on special significance. During a leisurely walk, you can get acquainted with the history of the Eternal City, enjoy exploring ancient and medieval monuments, admire beautiful bridges, and touch the legends of ancient and medieval Rome.

Duration-3 hours.
* – the cost may vary depending on the number of people in the group.


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