The car tour will allow you to make a fascinating journey through the Christian world of Rome. The city has collected a huge number of shrines, which gives it the right to be called the “Second Jerusalem”. The excursion includes a visit to churches and cathedrals, where the relics of saints and icons, glorified by miracles, are kept. The tour gives you the opportunity to admire the grandeur of architectural masterpieces, amazing mosaics of early Christian temples, and churches of the Renaissance.

Rome is rightfully called the “Holy City” because the greatest Christian relics are concentrated in it. The Christian heritage of the Eternal City is strikingly rich. Each temple erected in the Italian capital has its own history. It was here that the first believers who lived, who sacrificed themselves in the name of religion, the greatest Christian relics and relics of saints were collected.

The tour provides an opportunity to visit significant Italian cathedrals with stunning architecture, skillful mosaics, and rich decoration, see sacred artifacts, religious objects, material evidence of the earthly life of Christ. The guide will tell you about the importance of the religious heritage of Rome for world culture, help you understand the history of the formation of Christianity and learn about the main landmarks of religion, introduce you to the life and work of great artists who decorated the main temples.

The program will be interesting not only for pilgrims because it is a unique opportunity to contemplate sculptures, canvases, and frescoes, examples of early Christian art in the catacombs for history lovers.

Duration-3 hours.
* – the cost may vary depending on the number of people in the group.


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