The tour will provide an opportunity to explore the work of great geniuses such as Caravaggio, Bernini, Raphael and Canova. The famous gallery contains an art collection of the Borghese family, keeps masterpieces of painting and sculpture from different eras, and is a treasury of the creations of famous masters. The mansion was built at the beginning of the 17th century on the slopes of the Pincho Hill at the request of Cardinal Scipione Borghese. The passionate philanthropist was an unconditional admirer of Caravaggio’s work. The gallery is located outside the old city and is one of the best galleries of the Eternal City, where the works of the great Italians are collected. This is one of the must-see museums.

Over the course of several centuries, the gallery has been replenished with imperishable masterpieces and gained worldwide fame. The collection is located on two floors in 20 rooms. The exposition of the lower floor is represented by sculptural masterpieces, the upper floor is mainly devoted to paintings.

The guide will tell the history of the villa and its founder, help you feel the amazing paintings, tell why the gallery has such a high status in the art world, tell something interesting about each piece of art, pay attention to details that escape the untrained eye. An exquisite setting of the villa is an old English park with shady alleys, where you can admire the beauty of nature and comprehend the impressions received under the measured murmur of fountains.

The route will allow you to present yourself as a welcome guest at the Borghese court, enjoy the harmonious grandeur of statues and paintings, the splendor of fireplaces and ceiling paintings. During the tour, you will learn stories and ancient myths that are reflected in paintings and statues, enjoy the incredible atmosphere of art worship in the richest private collection, marvel at what opportunities the founder of the gallery used to replenish the collection.

Duration – 2-2,5 hours
Not included in the price – entrance tickets
* -the cost of the tour may vary depending on the number of people in the group.


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