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A well-thought-out tourist route will help you get to know Florence and Pisa in just one day, see the “cradle of the Renaissance” and “Square of Miracles”, enjoy two of the most amazing cities in Tuscany, admire ancient buildings, appreciate one of the most emblematic monuments in Italy. Florence will be the first point of the route.

The tour will allow you to visit one of the most famous landmarks of the country, Cathedral Square, and admire the most beautiful bell tower in Europe. Florence is one of the most beautiful and artistic cities in the world. Tourists will be able to stroll along the charming alleys, enjoy the best products of the region, discover the most beautiful squares, admire the majestic works of art by Michelangelo, take a walk along the streets along which Dante walked, take pictures of the most valuable symbols of the city, visit the Florence Cathedral complex.

The main part of the cultural heritage of Italy is concentrated in the city. Florence enchants art connoisseurs, hospitably welcoming tourists, offering historical and architectural monuments for inspection. Florence’s museums and galleries house world-famous works of legendary masters.

The city-museum of Pisa is literally imbued with the spirit of antiquity. Here, the ruins of ancient castles and modern architecture are intricately intertwined, many significant events took place that was of historical importance in the formation of the state.

The key attraction of Pisa is the leaning tower, which is the basis of the architectural ensemble of the Plaza of Miracles. The famous tower is complemented by the Baptistery with its incredible acoustics and the Cathedral of Santa Maria Maggiore with Byzantine mosaics and an extraordinary beautiful carved pulpit. Also during the trip, the guide will tell you interesting historical facts about the life of Pisa.

The cost of the tour is calculated for one person.
Duration – 8-9 hours
* the cost of the tour may vary depending on the number of people in the group.


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